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What is Forensic DNA profiling?

Countless times we have heard on the news that victims of a plane crash are being identified using DNA typing. We have even watched our favorite crime TV show characters make fool-proof cases against culprits using their DNA left at the crime scene. Ever wondered what this DNA profiling is? How is it done? Is … Continue reading What is Forensic DNA profiling?

Human Species Evolution

Homo sapiens are called the ‘modern day man’ for a reason. There were at least six other human species in existence in ancient times that eventually died out. It is common belief that our closest known relatives in existence today are the apes and chimpanzees. The important thing to note here is that scientists do … Continue reading Human Species Evolution

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In favor of the use of human genetic information

In September 1990, four-year-old Ashanti DeSilva presented with Severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome that made her vulnerable to even the mildest infections. A single genetic defect- like a typo in a novel- left DeSilva unable to produce an important enzyme. Without that enzyme, DeSilva was likely to die a premature death. Dr. French Anderson and his … Continue reading In favor of the use of human genetic information

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